The weather in Perth has finally broken and we can head out for a drive up the coast to see the beautiful scenery on offer.  I headed off early and stopped by Sunbird and its lovely situated Tavern to see how the swell was running and to breath some fresh sea air. The wind was non existent and the views were blue and clear.  It was cold as you can tell from the lack of people at the Tavern in the first picture. I was wearing a nice wooly jumper to stave off the cold. I was travelling with Sam and Dave but they started after me and were well back, giving me time to get the Mavic Pro out for a quick look at the immediate surroundings.

Looking up the coast you can see there’s not a lot of sand. Having been down south a few weeks earlier I can tell you the sand there is in a worse situation, really eating into the dunes. One can only hope the sand is back for the summer months.


We get to Lancelin to have a little blat around the Dunes. After a nice feed of Fish ‘n’ Chips at one of the local eateries, we headed up to the dunes. There were a surprising amount of people there Up the northern end there were few people. We were about to relax when we saw someone nearby hailing is with a wave. We waved back. Friendly chaps we thought. Well the next words they uttered got us scrambling… “Help”….

We drove over to where they were gesticulating from to see their car had gone nose over a dune and almost into a place they were not getting out from. Lancelin-Mavic-Pro-IDIOT1-120818They were trying to get out of the dune area and blindly drove over the top of a dune. This is dune practice 101, “Don’t drive over something you cannot see the other side of”.

Many a person has come unstuck with this behaviour. Wow, they were lucky, they had hit the brakes just in time, but had no hope of backing up the incline. They also had no recovery gear. They were in deep shit. Lancelin-Mavic-Pro-IDIOT2-120818Luckily it was a relative breeze for me to tow them out. I dragged them up and back over before they could take their foot off the brakes. Photos to follow when Sam sends me them. I didn’t take any, I just rushed to rescue them with the aid of Dave and his strap and recovery hitch.

That was exciting and we then headed to the Pinnacles

(After a 2 minute stopover at Wedge). The Pinnacles always deliver an excellent experience.

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