Let the hand-wringing commence. On one hand, it’s probably appropriate, on the other, it’s a knee-jerk reaction to an aberration (one hopes, ha, ha).

Now we’re getting somewhere. This is a term bandied around ad nauseam. Belief is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case with or without there being empirical evidence to prove that something is the case with factual certainty. (Wikipedia). Is that’s what’s needed? You’d have to believe that Israel Folau’s beliefs have gotten him in some hot water and he might have been channeling those on Saturday as he greedily clutched the pill and ran into a trifecta of Pumas intent on both defending for their lives and giving the Wallabies a series of “take me now” moments that they either couldn’t or refused to take. Other terms that are synonyms of belief are “Trust”, “Reliance” and “Confidence”, something that’s lacking in the Wallabies camp. Later below I give Folau a break and look at the lead up to this flummoxing error.

But before I go further, let’s discuss the incident that occurred live while Rod Kafer (who tried to reason it away, live on TV) was interviewing Reece Hodge. There was a moron abusing the players and there were a group of Wallabies all answering him back.

  • I’m sure there must be a protocol for this somewhere in the communications strategy of the Wallabies. It’s a common senses 101 item in 2018 sporting. “Do not engage with negative or aggressive characters, they want you to rise to the occasion” !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why was Tui, who was suffering from some sort of tragedy in his family left out there to take abuse from a fan? Who was looking after his interests? He might have been defending a family member who was getting upset at the carry-on, but he’s the one in the camera and it’s a bad look, any day of the year when a sportsperson is seen scuffling with an idiot that’s one step lower than a streaker.
  • Why was Tui on the field? Had he had time to come to terms with whatever ailed him? Was he sent out into the fray too early after his family issue? These may have been answered, but they are excuses and he should know better. Walk away!  Management screwed up here. I am not defending the idiot, but there will always be idiots! Make sure the players know what to do.
  • Where is the security? Do they just run off and hide once the game is done? We want to see the players interacting with fans! Any idiots should be cleaned out really quickly and moved away from the players. This was very disappointing and I hope it doesn’t drive a knee jerk reaction that limits this in the future.

It was made uglier only because it was live on TV. If Kafer and Co had not been there, would it have taken on the life it has now??? Just a thought.

All Blacks vs. Springboks

There’s not much to say here, what an epic. It was reminiscent of the Lions game last year when the AB’s muffed up the first half (after being monstered) and then came back with a vengeance. The scene below was a harbinger for the Wallabies ending. One could not have scripted the weekend like this. It was a day the bookies were sphincter’d up and the world of Rugby rang the bell of hope. Looking at this setup one has to wonder what genius said “Let’s go for it” when it was a clear way to an easy drop goal for any of those three. No one was charging them. Faf was way left. But c’est la vie, it was not meant to be and the Boks can take away a victory for the ages. It’s always going to be a humdinger when the All Blacks lose, they do NOT want it to happen!!

Can the Boks back it up in three weeks?

Would you like to be a Puma in two weeks when the All Blacks are fired up for redemption?

And what do you think of Steve Hansens “We were trying stuff, and not all of it worked” line? We have a theory here that this had started from Game one of the Rugby Championships. I think there are some sneaky Hansen / Foster machinations going on here. THoughts?

Wallabies vs. Los Pumas

Now, this was another cup of tea altogether. I’ve said for a long time and it’s discussed at length in house diatribe….. “What is happening in camp Wallaby??”. Ben also mentioned it on the Rugby Ruckus podcast where the Diatribe is known to frequent and comment a little. But let’s go back a short way before Folau got a dose of the “me me me” and look at the pass from Beale leading up to the error. Incredibly Foley is inside Folau here and the line is there to be taken. Beale decided to cut out Foley with a slow drifting pass to Folau. This allowed the defence to drift across and when Foley looped around (A great bit of Footy!!) to take the overlap, Folau ignored him. If Beale had passed to Foley, he would have straightened (what he was telling Folau to do) and the defenders would have squeezed in and Folau would have sailed in barely touched. I think this was a compounding set of errors. Thoughts on this Ben? Morgan? Anyone?

As for the overall match, I agree with Cheika (YES, I said that) that the team is lacking some get up and go. Morgs puts it more eloquently in the Podcast. Let’s hope that on the road they can get it together.

Hats off to the Pumas also for just keeping on at it. They probably should have lost but they are well on the way to being a force in next years RWC in Japan. I liked their work rate and endeavour. They never stopped. They are doing it for each other!

That’s it for now 🙂